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Who are you?

To start, I'm Wesley, aka. TroubleChute. I create useful tech-help guides on Youtube. is my main domain, as well as for articles.

What is this website?

This website hosts a lot of scripts and useful code that can be run, read and studied. I try to open source as much as possible. One-line installers is mainly what this website is for, but you may see other things here in the future.

For example, using a subdomain here redirects you to a file, such as When run in PowerShell as iex (irm, it will install whisper using my nifty little script.

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Almost all of this website is generated automatically and on-demand. Using files available in the GitHub Repo, as well as pointing back to it for downloads, serving and more.

See a full list of files & scripts on this domain:



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